Bible Challenge Updates


Two weeks ago I posted a Bible Challenge and on this page I will be doing almost daily updates.

This is what I have done thus far, I have had two daily devotionals that lasted me 48hrs of meditation but I can't recite the scriptures  I am sure I remember them though.
I read them in the bus on my way to work and whenever I get a 5 minute break at work I would go back again to it and meditate on it. 
The weekend before last, instead of playing my games on my phone before bed I decide to read the full scripture of the devotional. I think this will be a good practise to incorporate in our daily routines.

I had a slack this past weekend because I went away, so will be catching on the challenge from today onward. 
Please let me know how you are doing...


Just a quick update...
I have downloaded a reading plan form I started that last week Wednesday and it has been a challenge! 
I need help with the weekends, please share some tips and some prayer on this. During the week, I read daily, all day even! I am so obedient and faithful etc... Come Saturday morning, I toss the phone away, chores and parenting take up everything! I am still looking for a balance on this.
However I am enjoying this, I am reading Psalms and it is beautiful.
Keep sharing how you are doing on this and encourage each other to keep reading the word.


It has been well over a month and I tell you it has been amazing, I just put up a testimony that should ought to tell you that Jesus is Lord! I am still struggling with the weekends honestly but the discovery of audio Bible has made life much easier for me, who said this needs to be difficult? We must take advantage of what is at hand really! I just started the book of Jeremiah and I have read it before but I am pretty sure I am going to learn a lot more still. I am prompted to write something about this, watch the space.
I am still going strong, and I pray that this is more than an insiration to you, receive it as an encouragement as well. Keep me updated on your take on this and how is your journey going.

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